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“I met Anna Howard in Real Estate classes in January 2013. I always noticed her spectacular performance in class. Toward the end of the class tenure, the giant dreaded final exam was approaching. About eight students put together a study group including myself and Anna. In the beginning of our first study session, Anna had no problem taking the lead. I noticed right away the comfort the group fell into with Anna’s leadership and skills causing an eagerness among everyone to learn and pull together as a team.  Anna is a woman of absolute honesty and integrity which could not be denied by anyone inthe group.  Her leadership and hard work hurled us over a mountain. I have now worked in the real estate business with Anna for the past three years. In that time, I have had the pleasure and now honor of meeting her husband, David Howard.  It didn’t take very long through our conversations and David and Anna’s work together to see the honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity flowing from David just the same as from Anna. David and Anna are two amazing people with amazing talents that I am confident would be an asset to anyone’s real estate solutions.

In conclusion: David’s work in the field has proven to be second to none. I built custom homes for 29 years in the Dallas Fort Worth area with one motto I stood by: “The Difference Between Good and Better Is A Little Extra Effort.” I know quality and I know extra effort. I see that same desire and drive in David and Anna. Good for you David and Anna Howard and good for anyone who uses A Plus Real Estate Solutions for their needs. “

Glen Alford, Glen Alford Realty


I’ve had the opportunity to photograph finished projects for A Plus Real Estate Solutions, and I can attest that the quality of each project is top notch – and is stunning to look at. Absolutely beautiful work done by a company with the utmost integrity. When I’m ready for my own renovation at my home, this business is the first one on my list to call.”

 Julie Legge, Charlotte Real Estate Photos


After interviewing multiple contractors to lead the renovations of our kitchen/sun room, we selected David Howard based on his attention to detail, quick turnaround for a proposal and positive references.  Shortly after construction began it was clear that our estimation of his work habits and selection of sub-contractor teams was accurate.  He fulfilled his commitment to make contact each day as well as provide details on next steps.  To his credit, his sub-contractors were hard working and quality-oriented teams which insured that our final product met expectations.  David and his team performed the work as described in our contract without any issues on payment terms or timing.  Our experience with Howard’s Custom Home Renovations was excellent in every way.”

Greg and Judy Powell, Homeowners

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